Rejuv integrates 5 specialties to give you
care that’s effective for your unique needs.


In terms of your health, you are unique in the world. Your genetics, the current condition of your body and organs, the status of your body chemistry, and your lifestyle all have real and practical implications for what can work for you.

That’s fact, not theory. Your pain or freedom from pain, energy level, stress tolerance, metabolism rate, blood sugar and fats, body toxicity, and weight determine in specific ways the health approach that will work for you: whether you get results, how fast you get results, how you hold onto results, and how you keep your cost of good health low.

Those realities are why Rejuv integrates five specialties in a single practice. Our chiropractic specialty enables us to restore people with chronic or acute pain to normal function. Our body renewal specialty enables us to help people with “red flag” internal conditions to renew their bodies. Our weight loss specialty enables us to guide people who need to lose or to gain weight to a healthy weight with clean, improved body composition. Our Fitness Therapy specialty focuses first on restoring capabilities that limit building your health, then on building your core energy, flexibility, and endurance. Our fifth specialty? When you are healthy and feeling younger, it’s a special benefit to look that way, too, so we offer selected Spa Services just for that purpose.

How does this multidisciplinary approach affect your care? Well, when you need just one service, we provide quick, competent, cheerful care. When you need an integrated approach, Rejuv really shines. We integrate the facts about your current, unique conditions and metrics into an effective, efficient, personalized plan. We shape your care just for you, using safe, natural, drug-free, non-invasive methods. We measure results. We expect to make a significant different in your health.

We are located, do business, and live in Longmont. We work with local physicians and other care providers. We work with local businesses and organizations. We participate in community schools, activities, and charities. If you live, work, or shop in the Longmont area, we are your neighbors.

We invite you to visit. We’re happy to give you a brief tour of our comfortable facility, and a quick introduction to our integrated state-of-the-art practice.