Lose weight and keep it off. Boost metabolism.
Nutrition and exercise strategies for you and your family.

There are many reasons why people fail at weight loss. That’s because virtually all weight loss platforms
fail to pay vital attention to underlying issues; including deficient cellular health (within body composition),
and toxins purposely stored in your fat to protect you from them, that cannot detoxify through the liver.

Furthermore fad dieting and inappropriate (potentially harmful), fad weight loss pills add injury to the body
alongside insult to personal motivation. These combined factors lead to a viscous loop that cannot be
overcome without reversing chronic damage.

Rejuv weight loss plans make sure to combine use of diagnostics, history, realistic goal-setting, healthy tools
and supplements to change unhealthy lifestyle habits, boost metabolism and create lasting weight loss.

Your Concerns

Weight loss desired (without muscle loss)
Weight/muscle gain desired
Lose baby weight
Lose mid-life weight gain
Boost metabolism (calorie burning)
Exercise reconditioning & re-patterning
Body composition reconditioning
Poor nutritional patterns
Failed fad dieting
Weight related acid reflux
Weight associated joint pain
Our Services

BIA Testing(body composition, BMI, metabolism, cellular health and toxicity testing
Specific, custom nutritional plans for individualized weight loss and body composition needs
Detoxification formulas (specific to need)
Safe, effective, & functional medicine supplementation as needed for underlying  weight loss factors
Mitochondrial renewal (cell/body energy)
Lifestyle, habits, and cravings techniques & practical re-patterning
Stress reduction, motivation, and exercise techniques and treatments to ensure goal successes