Achieve a healthy glow for your skin, face, and body.
Look and feel healthier and younger.

Spa services used to be just for the… “Aaahhh”. But the truth is that skin, muscle, connective tissue (i.e. fascia),
lymphatic drainage, and other functional systems need to be considered an essential part of any true Health Makeover.

Muscles and surrounding tissues need to be free of internal adhesions, have good circulation, and specific pressure
points equalized.  

Skin is our largest organ of excretion yet most commonly forgotten as a functioning part of our structure.
It protects us too. Exposure and lack of proper, clean, easy methods for care lead to a series of problems…
not just how you look. But why not get back glow and luster while getting healthy? 

Your Concerns
Reduce tight, tender, painful muscles Reduce muscle fatigue (and congestion)
Stress reduction & improved relaxation Increases circulation
Enhances breathing & improves blood pressure
Increase joint flexibility/range of motion Improves lymphatic flow (immune)
Assists with shortened labor time for expectant mothers
Improves mood and reduces anxiety
Pain management of chronic conditions
Speeds injury recovery
Meridian point/energy alignment
Improve skin tone and promote clean, healthy, youthful, protective skin
Improve dull skin appearance
Reduce pore size Improve acne
Reduce fine lines and age spots
Reduce puffy lower eyelids
Reduce cellulite appearance
Anti-aging via bioactive skin care
improves & maintains quality of skin

Our Services

Massage: therapeutic/neuro-muscular, deep tissue/myofascial release, shiatsu,
relaxation/swedish, hot stone, bamboo, pregnancy, reflexology & cranio-sacral   
Wraps: cocoa butter, seaweed detoxification (includes cellulite properties),
cellulite exclusive, aromatherapy
Scrubs: sugar, salt (w/ or w/o aromatherapy or salt glow w/ lotion), milk & honey,
peppermint foot scrub (w/ or w/o reflexology)

Professional Skin Analysis & Products Facials: deep cleansing, acneic, hydrating, custom

Chemical Peels: face, neck, decolatte, back

Microdermabrasion (diamond): face, neck, decolatte, back

Paraffin Wax Dips: hands, feet

Waxing: brow, lip, facial, underarms, legs, arms, back

Cellulite: seaweed detoxification, cellulite exclusive wrap

Oiled hand massage w/ hot mitt therapy