Eliminate pain. Restore free, effective body functionality. Get back to your regular way of life.

There are differents of kinds of pain and many underlying causes, yet they all disrupt your life, your work, your play. We deliver fast, gentle pain relief, restore your physical functionality, and get you quickly back to your regular life - using natural solutions and state-of-the-art therapies. No drugs, no surgery.

There are real advantages to a multidisciplinary approach in effective healing of both acute and chronic pain. Your treatment is individual and customized.

Conditions we commonly treat

Headaches Muscle tension/tightness Stomach/digestive problems
Neck pain Pregnancy pain Bowel problems
Mid-back pain Scoliosis Hyperactivity
Low back pain Asthma Attention disorders
Leg/hip pain & sciatica Ear aches Poor diet/nutritional stress
Shoulder/arm pain Sinus/allergies Emotional stress
Carpal tunnel syndrome Fatigue/tired TMJ pain/jaw pain & function
Fibromyalgia Dizziness Sports injury
Disc problems Frequents colds/flu Worker’s comp. injury
Numbness/tingling Physical stress Auto injury


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