Renew your body from the inside out.


Our body renewal therapies deal directly with body chemistry issues that hinder body functioning,
make you feel older than you are, endanger your health, and shorten your life. If you lack energy,
if you’re overweight, if eating right is a challenge, if you have “red flags” in blood chemistriy results,
or if you just want to understand what’s going on with your body, we can help.

We assess your body composition and functioning, your body chemistry, your lifestyle, and aging
characteristics. We explain your health status in simple, clear ways, and recommend a specific,
personal plan for your unique, current situation. We target specific results in specific time frames,
and provide a daily plan that includes nutrition, exercise, and lifestype adaptations. We track progress
and help you improve results.

Don’t let possible underlying, sometimes unnoticeable, conditions develop into disease processes that
lower quality of life. Call with any questions on Body Renewal, including if you don’t see (below) a
condition or concern you have.

Your Concerns

Bad blood results (i.e. cholesterol, glucose/A1C/Diabetes, TSH, etc.)
High blood pressure
Heartburn/acid reflux
Poor sleep
Unwanted weight gain
Bowel symptoms (i.e. IBS, constipation, bloating, etc.)
Hormone and life change (men too)
Ineffective stress coping
Poor mental clarity
Immune weakness
Premature aging (external/skin & internal/cellular)
Inflammation, including Arthritis
Destructive habits & cravings
Our Services

Specific, custom nutritional treatment per condition(i.e. diabetic, cardio/heart, anti-inflammatory, etc.)
Functional medicine, including supplemenation supportive to treatment or recovery of: heart/caridovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, reflux, bowel dysfunction,fibromyalgia & many more conditions)
Detoxification formulas (specific to need)
Hormone rebalancing & regulation, naturally
Breathing, meditative and stress reduction techniques and treatments
Sleep supportive regulation and techniques
Cellular health recovery and anti-aging treatments
Mitochondrial renewal(cell/body energy)
Lifestyle, habits and cravings techniques and practical re-patterning